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The Team

at Quest Collective

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Dan Fuller

Founder & El Capitano

Hi everyone!
I’m the founder of the Quest Collective, a holistic NDIS providership based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. The Quest was birthed out of a passion to support the next generation of leaders and NDIS participants to live amazing lives. Our focus simple: friendship, outdoor adventure, capacity building and holistic living to transform lives.

A little about me: I’ve been active in the youth & disability sector for 15+ years & hold quals in youth & family intervention, TCI, LSI & have trained under the “Youth Flourish Outdoors” team.

We incorporate outdoor adventure, mindfulness & an understanding of trauma to holistically support NDIS participants. I’m easy going, relational and genuinely care about our families & the community.

My team & I share a passion to provide high quality holistic supports to families on the Sunshine Coast (and beyond) with a focus on friendship, capacity building, movement & mindset coaching. My team has availability for supports & respite (with a focus on experiential learning and outdoor adventure) if you have a loved one who would benefit, please share our supports. We are seeing incredible transformation in the lives of those we support & we are on a quest to see this spread throughout our beautiful community.
With much gratitude!

Ben Kovacic

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

Ben is passionate about personal development, mindset coaching & optimisation through diet & movement. He loves movement and the outdoors, meditation & the gym.


Ben is a qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and employs these disciplines into his support work.


Ben is focused on supporting men be the best versions of themselves and focuses on mindfulness as the key.


Ben is a calm, patient, enthusiastic human; and will be a great addition to your support team.

Emma Krusic.jpg

Emma Krusic

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

Emma is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of teenagers and young women. She loves all things movement and the outdoors, regularly enjoying activities such as surfing, animal flow, mountain biking, hiking, camping, meditation, swimming and diving.  


Emma is a qualified personal trainer, animal flow instructor, environmental scientist (BSc Env), SSI Dive Master (and too many more to name)


Emma is committed to supporting young people navigate the challenges of growing up. She is passionate about empowering people to become their best selves through movement and connection to nature. 


Emma is friendly, open-minded and trustworthy; and will be a great addition to your support team.

Rio Butler

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

Rio has over 5+ years experience in youth. He holds qualifications in multiple disciplines & is a natural explorer, and often gets mischaracterised as a tree due to his formidable height and passion for the planet.


Rio is passionate about creating a more sustainable future for people and planet. He does this by supporting his community through music involvement, nature projects & investing into the next generation with mentoring. He will be a fantastic addition to any family as he is kind, patient and inspirational in essence.


Bri Niebling

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

Bri is passionate about inspiring others to find joy and confidence through movement and mindfulness. Open by nature, she invites exploration and play, and aspires to nourish a welcoming space that is both fun and empowering. You can often find Bri immersed in the outdoors, enjoying activities like waterfall hikes, mountain climbs, ocean swims, Animal Flow, calisthenics, roller skating, and running.


With a keen interest in mindset and personal growth, Bri practices meditation, journaling and writing poetry. She also loves sharing her creative side through the medium of photography. Bri is a qualified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, Animal Flow instructor, and photographer. Her energetic, enthusiastic, and warm demeanour will be a great addition to your support team.

Tania Barton

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

Tania is nurturing, friendly and down to earth with a Holistic approach to well-being of the mind, body and soul.


Tania's positive, calm yet energetic nature encourages individual aspects of mental fitness to enhance the lives of women of all ages along their own mindful journey with confidence and strength.


Tania uses her vast qualifications and experience in professional fields to give back to the community by supporting individuals and families in this journey called life.


Tania is a Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist with a flair for blending creativity with Holistic healing and would love to journey alongside women in modalities from movement and dance, journalling and sound, to meditation and painting. 


Have pets, no worries, Tania's 25 years in the animal industry can build confidence around pet ownership and inclusiveness in everyday adventures.


Jason Zahner

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

Jason has spent the past 10 years in the mining world as a first responder in the emergency response team. He has a deep knowledge of emergency response with a medical background, specifically fire and rescue. 

Jason really loved mentoring up and coming first responders, guiding them and helping them whenever he could.

On his days off he loves doing anything outdoors; camping, water skiing, hiking, surfing, indoor climbing, cycling - anything adventurous out in nature. 

Jason is a qualified yoga instructor, movement specialist, breathwork facilitator, energy healer and is learning sound healing.

He has been on a deep dive into the holistic health life for the past 4 years and loves to share this beautiful knowledge and wisdom with whomever is open to receive it.

He also coaches a men's group and facilitates regularly at retreats. 

Jason is very passionate about helping the younger generation by guiding them, portraying to them what a healthy, holistic modern day man is.

Dylan MacLeod

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

Dylan Macleod, 43, brings a dynamic blend of athleticism and family focus to his life.


As a seasoned pro surfer, he has ridden the waves with skill and finesse, earning recognition in the surfing community.


Beyond his achievements in the ocean, Dylan is a devoted father of two, fostering a supportive and nurturing home environment. His commitment extends to functional exercise, where he finds joy in promoting holistic well-being.


Dylan's profile reflects a harmonious balance between his professional pursuits, family life, and a dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Jesse Morton

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

Jesse is your brother from another mother! He is a support worker that brings a brother-like mentor approach to supports and has a knack for all things outdoors and adventurous.


You'll usually find him riding the waves on a surfboard or tearing it up on mountain bike or motorbike tracks. When he’s not doing that, he’s chilling on the beach, playing games in the sand and cranking up the tunes that make you want to dance like no one's watching.


Jesse can get along with anyone and has hung out with all sorts of people; from adrenaline junkies on mountain bikes to awesome young souls in the child protection system. He has volunteered with young people on the NDIS teaching them how to surf.


He’s all about keeping it real, being trustworthy, and connecting with people in the most laid-back way possible.


Making people happy is the name of the game for Jesse! Whether he's cruising on a wave or helping someone navigate the waves of life, you can bet he’s doing it with a smile & helping you live life on your terms!


Theunis Pretoria

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

T is a beacon of warmth and guidance in the support realm! He is driven by a passion for nurturing individuals into their fullest potential. With over a decade steeped in pastoral support and counseling, T fosters an environment where people feel understood, valued, and uplifted.


Sporting a vibrant enthusiasm for the outdoors and sports—be it surfing, running, or rugby—T's zest for life intertwines seamlessly with a love for music and songwriting, and he is often found strumming soulful tunes at venues across the Sunshine Coast.


T has a friendly confidence that is adept at fueling progress in others, along with developing a sense of belonging and community for all. Character is paramount with T and he is a reliable and trustworthy part of any support team.

Tracey Lee.jpg

Tracy-lee St Clair

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

Tracy-Lee is an amazing healer, space holder and big hearted human who brings so much love & wisdom to the Quest Collective team. She’s new to disability supports but isn’t new to helping people heal, grow & transform their lives.


She vibes all things ancient wisdom, quantum science and holistic health. 

Laura Armstrong

Adventure Mentor & Support Worker

Laura is a ray of sunshine that will brighten your day and lift your spirits. She believes anything is possible and will also help you to feel that way. She is your biggest cheerleader & your supportive friend.


Laura doesn't like to take life too seriously and finds a way to bring joy into her days. Her passions are mental and physical health - healing in a holistic way,  organisation, pushing your comfort zones and expressing yourself. She will help you tune into your awareness and follow your intuition. 

Laura ARmstrong.jpg
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