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One Teenagers' Heroic Journey

“A huge thank you to Quest Collective and Dan for the help and support our son Jake received. The whole process from agreement to support was smooth and easy. Dan made sure that Jake came first in all of our conversations and plans and always listened to what Jake wanted. Initially Jake, being a 15yo teenager, was hesitant to engage in supports but after his first catch up with Dan, it became….’When can I see Dan again?’ 

They had adventure after adventure and we watched Jake develop some real interests and actually started exploring himself and who he wanted to be. Dan took Jake out of his comfort zone and had a heap of fun in the process! What we weren’t sure would work for Jake turned into the best thing we could have done for Jake and that was Quest Collective and Dan!”


-Steve and Janet

Our Vision

"We believe every individual is the author of their own life story. Our mission is to guide NDIS participants to take the lead in their journeys, crafting lives filled with meaningful connections and transformative experiences. We are committed to creating a supportive community where every voice is heard, every challenge is met with courage, and every success is celebrated. Our role is to provide the supports that turn aspirations into achievements, ensuring that each participant can thrive as the hero of their own story."

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