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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different?

Our team of Adventure Mentors, Support Workers and Coaches are passionate about helping participants be the best versions of themselves. Our mentors combine mindset, movement and friendship to build confidence and competence in participants quickly.


 I stumbled across these skills and techniques as a struggling teenager, struggling with low self esteem, anxiety and poor habits. As I began to practice meditation, movement and leadership skills lI had a series of life transforming experiences where I stepped into stronger, more resilient versions of myself. Through these, I began to learn how the mind-body connection effects our practical lives in subtle but dramatic ways. As my emotional states began to transform I began to move from crippling anxiety to flow states.


Many people sought me out and also saw similar breakthroughs and I activated them in very practical ways. I discovered the power of our mind and started to see the suffering of others dissolve as I taught them what was working for me. Quite literally, I found my passion and my purpose: to help people find who they really are and their passion. The process of relaxing into this reality more is the unfolding journey we find ourselves in.


I have immersed myself in neuroscience, quantum physics, spirituality, biohacking, meditation, energy psychology and more. I've ridden the waves of life, the ups the downs, running multiple businesses, the triumphs, the disappointments and everything in between. My praxis has deepened considerably through the journey of Fatherhood. I've spent thousands of hours facilitating transformation in people, in an incredibly loving and safe container. Essentially, you don't just get information. You will feel our genuine care and belief in your loved one as we begin to journey together.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

What services do you offer?

We offer a range of services. These include but are not limited to:

  • ​Adventure Mentoring- We help participants build capacity, confidence and leadership skills through movement, nature based activities, meditation and breath work. For example: rock climbing, gym, surfing, slack-lining, hiking, yoga and animal flow.

  • Adventure Respites- Titrated nature based experiences with skilled mentors designed to create deeper, lasting breakthroughs within a safe community. These are designed to offer respite to the participant and the carer's who normally support them.

  • Group Adventures- These are movement and adventure based part or full days events that combine the above but the focus is more on social skills, communication, leadership and problem solving.

  • Holistic Supported Independent Living programs. We offer 1 to 1 and 1 to 3 SIL's to help people build capacity within an inspired community.

All of our supports focus on strengthening the confidence and competence loop within our participants. Our goal is to build resilience, emotional regulation and positive self esteem. We believe these are the foundations to a meaningful, happy life and that many other areas of well-being are directly impacted because of this.

Hiking in Forest


Our fees vary depending on the offering. All adventure mentoring and respite is billed at and not exceeding the NDIS guidelines 2023-2024. We offer discounts for group mentoring and respite. Please contact us for more information.


Are you available for training workshops and events?

Yes, we are available. Please contact us at and we can begin a conversation about how we can best support your community to grow. We look forward to hearing from you.

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